Carrera de Asuntos Internacionales

Florida State University has been bringing quality education to students in the isthmus of Panama since 1957. Join us in celebrating our 60th anniversary.

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The City of Knowledge’s mission is being an international platform for knowledge management to promote sustainable development and the competitive advantages of Panama.

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Asuntos Internacionales



The Master of Science in International Affairs at the FSU campus in the Republic of Panama is an interdepartmental graduate program offering globally-oriented professionals the opportunity to acquire an understanding of increasingly complex issues that transcend national boundaries. Courses are selected from the participating departments of Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, History, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology, Urban and Regional Planning, and the School of Public Administration and Policy. The program is structured so that it can be individually tailored to a wide variety of career goals, but overall the main emphasis is to integrate one´s preparation in any one of the traditional disciplines with an international, interdisciplinary emphasis. The Master´s degree in International Affairs is designed to enable students to pursue successful careers in government service, business, international institutions and non-governmental organizations.

FSU is committed to providing a stimulating academic environment that promotes intellectual discovery through rigorous scholarship; the Republic of Panama, a vibrant cosmopolitan center that attracts international institutions from the private and public sectors, offers our students unique opportunities to explore both the theoretical and practical aspects shaping international affairs. After 55 years of strong educational presence in Panama, FSU Panama is prepared to launch its first graduate program.